(User Device Authentication System)

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iTracer UDAS

User Device Authentication System

iTracer User Device Authentication System for Protection of Leaked Personal Info and for Prevention of Fraud Access

iTracer UDAS is

Why need iUDAS

Leaked Info of Personal and Authentication

  • Increasing Leak of Personal and Authentication Info
  • Threats of ID Theft and Internal Info Leakage caused by accesses from company internal or external, branches or business travelers
  • Customer’s own Anxiety of ID theft who is serviced outside

Reinforcements of Login Authentication Functions Demanded

  • Additional Authentication demanded besides ID/Certificate at accessing to each kind of web application
  • Access-Device Authentication required at login (e. g., that ID’s MAC, NAT IP or Private IP)
  • Login demanded only with the registered PC or smartphone

User Device Authentication Required

  • Authentication allowed only to the user-specified device
  • Authentication allowed only to the registered user device
  • Use of User Device’s HW Info (ID-based MAC, HDD S-No, True IP, etc.)
  • Blocking bypassed accesses at the same time (MAC tampering, Bypassing IP, VPN detecting/blocking)

What iUDAS actualize

System Diagram

iTracer UDAS System Diagram