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Dfinder PF

Real-time BigData Platform

Dfinder PF, The domestic finest Real-time Bigdata Platform, provides so convenient Clustering and User Interface that, no matter how complex any data is, the free and easy performance and development will bring you true satisfaction.

Where Dfinder PF absolutely essential

Where Dfinder PF absolutely essential

Core Features

  • Platform Technology

    Dfinder BigData Platform is the real-time Platform optimized to collect, to analyze, to save, to integrate and manage a vast amounts of Data.

  • Analysis/Detection Technology

    The domestic finest real-time BigData Platform equipped with In-Memory real-time CEP Engine.

  • Interlocking Technology for Third Party

    Dfinder PF supports task developments with Data Access API, and provides perfect Clustering function and a diversity of User Interfaces.


Dfinder PF System

Dfinder PF System

Main Functions

Dfinder PF supports diversified Interfaces to collect various types of data from every info system and device.

Dfinder PF Main Functions