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Dfinder LMS

Integrated Log Management System

Dfinder LMS enables Log Life Cycle to be managed across-the-board and every Log to be retrieved, monitored and analyzed in real time in various ways.

Dfinder LMS of INTEREZEN, having acquired the National CC Certification, is the domestic first Bigdata-driven Real-time Integrated Log Management System capable of applying the Multifactor Rule Policy in line with Multifactor Scenario.

Introduction Effect

Full Compliance and Security Policy Reinforcement
  • Complying with every pertinent law and guideline such as Personal Information Protection Act or Information Communications Network Act, etc.
  • Ensuring Post Audit System through high-speed searching at the time of service failure
  • Guaranteeing Integrity and Confidentiality to protect against falsifying or tampering of Logs
Efficiency Improvement of
IT Infra Operation
  • Collecting logs by way of various collection methods
  • Establishing rapid response system by high-speed searching of high-volume logs
  • Improving log management efficiency by security events and log integration
  • Implementing the automation of Log Management
BigData-driven Analyzing & Rule-driven Real-time Monitoring on logs of every information system
  • Managing Life Cycle on critical logs
  • Implementing the real-time analysis environments and monitoring the current status of logs
  • Supporting efficient analysis of heterogeneous logs
  • Offering legal evidence and audit materials on security incidents

Core Feautures

In-Memory CEP Engine

In-Memory CEP Rule Engine provided, to detect and analyze logs collected in real time according to the Policy (Rule)

In-Memory CEP Engine

Multifactor Policy Engine

Settle many scores of single policies (rules) by only a few multifactor policies with ease, based on high-performance CEP Engine.

Multifactor Policy Engine

Scale-out Function

As the domestic first BigData-driven Integrated Log Analyzer, the expansion of performance and storage space has only to add Dfinder LMS Server.

the domestic first BigData-driven Integrated Log Analyzer

Main Functions

Structured/Unstructured Log Collecting

  • Structured Logs from DB or business system
  • Unstructured logs from network equipment or application servers

Fieldizing and Field-Join

  • Fieldizing in the form of ‘Key = value’ for meaningful values within log
  • Inter-field Join for correlation/association analysis among logs

Real-time and Batch Analyzing

  • Real-time log analyzing, the basic of the Policy setup
  • Schedule-based Batch Analyzing for statistics analysis and report creation

Policy and Anomaly Detecting

  • Setting Policy on the basis of Signature or User’s experiences
  • Detecting and notifying Anomalies based on the registered Policy


  • Providing monitoring tools considering a diversity of user’s tastes
  • Creating several and various dashboards according to intended purpose


  • Scaling out performance and capacity theoretically near to infinity
  • Delivering functions for N+1 duplexing and data integrity depending on Scale-out

Product Specification

Model Name Description
Dfinder LMS Standard - Type : Appliance
- Platform : BigData Platform Dfinder for LMS Standard
- License : Dfinder LMS Standard
- H/W : CPU(8core), Memory 64GB, SSD 240G*2, HDD 1TB*6 (Raid 5)
- Size : Log Data 10G or less / Day
Dfinder LMS Premium - Type : Appliance
- Platform : BigData Platform Dfinder for LMS Premium
- License : Dfinder LMS Premium
- H/W : CPU(16core), Memory 128GB, SSD 240G*2, HDD 2TB*12 (Raid 5)
- Size : Log Data 50G or less / Day