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Dfinder FDS

Fraud Detection System

Dfinder FDS, with the domestic largest market share, is the BigData-driven Real-time Fraud Detection System.

System Diagram

Dfinder FDS System Diagram

Compliance with Technology Guidelines of FSI(Financial Security Institute)

Dfinder FDS, satisfying all the recommendations of FSI’s FDS Technology Guidelines, provides more inventive and advanced technology.

Dfinder FDS Compliance

Functions for Analysis and Detection

1. Real-time In-Memory CEP Multifactor Rule Analysis Engine

Dfinder FDS Functions

2. Analysis Function based on Real-time Time-series Multifactor Scenario

Dfinder FDS Analysis Function

3. Pre and Post Analysis Function of Fraud Detection

Pre and Post Analysis Function 1-2
Pre and Post Analysis Function 3-4

1. Easy Interface

Rapid working competence acquired, by functions of analyzing, retrieving and real-time statistics on the same searching screen.

2. Easy Scenario Setup

Convenient Setup creating Multifactor Policy (Rule), by leveraging reference items, multi-items, threshold, conditional expressions, and operators

3. Pre-Searching Value Registering

Rapid and convenient work supported, by registering frequently-retrieved conditions as user-definition pre-searching values

4. Character Strings and Time Objects

Conveniences delivered by setting retrieval groups, and various Policy (Rule) Detection by leveraging Time Objects

5. Changed Policy (Rule) Looking-up

Utilizing as audit evidential materials by looking up the changed history of major policy (rule)

Function for Counteracting

Function for Monitoring

Dfinder FDS provides functions to monitor various Fraud transactions in real time.

Detection Policy (Rule) and Verification

INTEREZEN has already analyzed hundreds of accident types that occurred in many financial institutions, and holds various Policies (Rules) applicable to each service channel.