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Dfinder AI

Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics Platform

Dfinder AI is the Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics Platform providing a variety of Data Modeling, by supporting Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithm.
Especially, this system is what makes real-time process and automation of “Data Preprocessing” come true, to judge and extract Feature Data that is the most important in the phase of AI Modeling and takes 80 % of the time, and supports real-time processing of AI Model by applying AI Model to In-Memory CEP Multifactor Rule Engine of Dfinder PF.
And this system, when used with Dfinder PF system, by Multifactor Rule and AI Model’s being applied simultaneously, provides excellent effects to every field that real-time judgement is needed such as banking transactions, judgement of defective manufacturing, Internet shopping, payment, public illegal benefit, audit and permanent monitoring, ineligible transactions of virtual currency, anti-money laundering, etc.

AI Modeling Procedures (e. g., Banking-related Modeling)

Dfinder AI allows anomaly transactions to be analyzed by applying algorithms in both macroscopic and microscopic viewpoint, and, ultimately, analyzes and detects fraud transactions by applying statistics-based Persona Filters.

AI Modeling Procedures

AI Server Architecture

Dfinder AI Server, along with Data-preprocessing Module for extracting Feature Data from fact data, performs AI Modeling that makes the most proper AI Model, by using AI algorithm, the open source.

AI Server Architecture

Core Features

Dfinder AI Core Features

Applied Cases